HANDPAN - The Complete Manual (DVD included)

HANDPAN - The Complete Manual (DVD included)
  • Autor: Loris Lombardo
  • Código: MB705
  • Formato: Libro + DVD
  • Páginas: 160
  • Precio: 21,90 (Iva Incl.)

Descrizione breve

Book and DVD in English

This book is the result of a long study in the art of percussion. Here you will find a natural learning path, guiding the reader step by step, beginning with basic techniques and arriving at an advanced level. It’s ideal even for those who don’t read music.

Also, each exercise has an accompanying video on the DVD, at both a slow and faster tempo. Some think that technique is not required to play the handpan, only instinct. To emit any kind of sound from the instrument, a certain level of technique is required, be it rudimentary or instinctive. If this wasn’t the case, no sound would be emitted. So it is up to us to decide to continue to play the handpan instinctively or to discover that more exists, more concepts that we would not be able to develop by instinct alone.

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